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In fact, most utility-scale electricity generating capacity additions scheduled for construction  across the U.S. in 2021  are set to be powered by renewable energy, the  U.S. Energy Administration reveals . And, between 2020-2030, around 45,000 megawatts of new solar and 55,000 megawatts of new wind will be installed throughout the country simply in order to meet state renewable portfolio standard requirements. Although this is great news for the environment and eco-conscious consumers, this boom in renewable energy will also inevitably cause an increase in workplace accidents and fatalities throughout the sector (of which over three million people in the U.S. are estimated to currently work in). Fortunately, safety experts are implementing new standards and solutions to mitigate health and safety risks and make the industry safer for workers. Fatal accidents in the renewable energy sector are fairly infrequent, data from  the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics  reveals. In fact, the industry is significantly safer for workers than the fossil fuel industry is. In the U.S., five workers in the wind, biomass, solar, and geothermal electric power generation industries died in workplace accidents over a recent five-year period. Falls were responsible for four out of the five fatalities, while the fifth death was caused by a motor crash. For workers,  sustaining an injury on the job  may result in temporary or permanent disability and pain and suffering, as well as ongoing medical bills and lost income as time is needed off work to focus on recovery and rehabilitation. Fortunately, by contacting a reputable  law firm , injured workers can file a workplace personal injury case and win financial compensation to cover all relevant associated costs. The legal experts handle all aspects of the case, while the client focuses on recovery official site with greater peace of mind. Workers in the renewable energy sector face a number of health and safety risks — many of them similar to the risks present in other industries. For example, falls, fires, accidents in confined spaces, and electrical currents are some of the most common. Moreover, working conditions unique to the industry — the height of wind turbines, for example — make workers even more vulnerable to accidents and injuries. The American National Standards Institute  has teamed up with the American Society of Safety Professionals to launch the nation’s first industry consensus standard designed specifically to protect workers involved in the construction and demolition of wind turbines. The standards include requirements for equipment and site hazard identification and outline training employers must provide to help eliminate worker accidents and deaths.

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Business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng at Downing Street, September 2020. The end of the government’s financial support schemes will make what should be the core job of firms like EY – auditing – central to corporate Britain’s future. Executives will be anxious to impress the markets with strong balance sheets that can be used to justify the restoration of dividends and boardroom bonuses. But without reliable audits, these figures could be as illusory as Carillion’s were. This will come down to arcane questions about asset valuations, recoverability of debts, future cashflows and much else that ultimately depends on a bean-counter’s judgment. Corporate collapses since the dawn of double-entry bookkeeping, from the Medici banking empire to Enron , the Royal Bank of Scotland and Carillion, prove the eventual consequences of getting these judgments wrong. When financial weakness is not recognised early on, the decisions and payouts that follow can bring down a company before long and send shockwaves through the wider economy. The big four firms that dominate the country’s accounting sector – EY, PwC, KPMG and Deloitte – will have the responsibility of ensuring that subjective accounting assessments are realistic, rather than flattering. Unfortunately recent experience suggests that they’re not up to the job. Last month, the Financial Reporting Council found that over a quarter of audits of FTSE 350 companies required improvement ; a slightly worse position than when Carillion’s unreliable figures were being merrily signed off by KPMG a few years ago. The auditing regulator, the FRC , could also point to a groaning caseload of 37 investigations , including the failure of Thomas Cook (audited by KPMG), the London & Capital Finance investment scheme scandal (PwC and EY ( and Oliver Clive & Co ) and outsourcer Mitie (Deloitte) over “ aggressive ” accounting. These follow recent fines for disastrous audits such as PwC’s of BHS under Philip Green and Deloitte’s of Serco, as it fiddled government contracts . Against this dismal background, the government has commissioned a string of reviews of the profession and its regulation. The author of the first, the Legal & General chairman John Kingman, proposed a beefed-up regulator but recently complained that, with no legislation for this new body expected until 2023, it will be “nearly five years after my report that the new regulator comes into being”. When it does, it will be policing a new regime based largely on a review of auditing by City grandee Donald Brydon that proposed splitting accountancy firms’ audit and consultancy operations. In endorsing his ideas, however, Kwarteng gave the unambitious game away . Even while acknowledging that the effects of corporate failure “are felt far and wide with job losses and the British taxpayer picking up the tab”, Kwarteng promised no more than “sensible, proportionate reforms” – to the relief of partners at the big four, whose incomes average in the high six figures . Rather than radical overhaul, there will be tweaks such as encouraging smaller firms also to get in on the big corporate auditing gigs, and greater responsibilities for company directors. The plans stop far short, for instance, of reforms introduced in the US demanding more accountability for auditors and company directors in the wake of its turn of the century scandals such as Worldcom and Enron. And even those reforms weren’t enough to avert accounting horror shows such as those that were found on the books of the sub-prime lenders that seeded the 2007-8 crash and destabilised the global economy.