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At last, Skinner, 24, who is called the team’s “grandma” because she has so much experience on the national team, will go home to Arizona with an Olympic medal. She is retiring, and said that she and her husband, Jonas Harmer, were planning to start a family. “I’m sad, but it’s time for me to move on with life,” Skinner said. “I’m ready.” The other two American women competing on Sunday night were less satisfied with their performances. Carey, from Phoenix, finished second on the vault in qualifying, but stumbled during her run-up for her first vault on Sunday and ended up bailing out of it. She could muster only a Yurchenko tuck, which is one flip and no twists. The score, 11.933, took her out of the running for a medal. Later in the night, before the uneven bars final, Lee was tired and nervous. Two days before, she had won the all-around gold medal, and now had another chance for an individual gold. Going into the uneven bars, she was considered a favorite, and her toughest routine was the hardest one in the world. Winning the event was what she had been training for. But she failed to connect her first skill to her second one, and her routine started to crumble. She said she could have easily jumped off the bars and quit, which probably was what she would have done at practice, but she held on to finish the routine at the biggest meet of her life. She ended up performing a watered down performance that wasn’t anything like the spectacular one she had planned. Her score of 14.5 was nearly one point lower than the 15.4 she received for the bars in the team final last week. It was, however, still good enough for her to win the bronze medal. Nina Derwael, the two-time uneven bars world champion, won the gold, the first Olympic women’s gymnastics medal of any kind for Belgium. Anastasiia Iliankova of Russia was second, for the silver.

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Urgent action sought to improve Four Elms Hill road safety The line markings at Four Elms Hill- Credit: Chris Burhop A number of councillors in East Devon have asked the committee responsible for roads to take urgent action in order to improve safety at an accident black spot near Newton Poppleford.  Members of East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee (HATOC) were discussing Four Elms Hill, on the A3052 Exeter to Sidmouth road, after it was suggested that Devon County Council had failed to act on a decision made in July 2019 to paint double white lines along the Four Elms stretch.  The move would have prevented vehicles from overtaking.   Earlier this month lines were repainted, but the lining included stretches of broken white lines instead, indicating overtaking with caution is allowed.   Chair of Newton Poppleford and Harpford Parish Council, Cllr Chris Burhop (Newton Popp. Ward) expressed his concern at the HATOC meeting.   “The road was duly closed for four nights and the public were told it was going to be repainted with double white lines.  “The expectation was double white lines and what do we get? We actually get a scheme that doesn’t – believe it or not – even reflect this because they’ve made short dashed lines with overtaking advisable instead of the long dashed lines that were there previously. “So they’ve actually made the situation worse, not better. And the people of Newton Poppleford are, at best, confused and at worst furious.” An accident occurred on the stretch of road on July 21 but exact details are not available and it is unclear whether it was caused by the concerns outlined by the councillors. Vice-chair of East Devon Council, Cllr Val Ranger (Independent East Devon Alliance, Newton Poppleford and Harpford Ward) also expressed her worries about the road markings. She said: “So there’s great frustration on the part of residents, parish councillors, district councillors, Devon county councillors and me about the poor job done on Four Elms Hill.” Cllr Ranger suggested that Devon County Council may not know the extent of the dangers because only serious injuries or ‘at fault’ incidents are recorded. However, she said local police were more likely to understand the true number of accidents.   “Whatever happened to doing what matters? Why would you shut a major road and only do a half-baked job?” Cllr Ranger added. During the 25-minute discussion, officers suggested a further report would be needed to consider the issues involved. Cllr Christine Channon (Conservative, Exmouth & Budleigh Salterton Coastal Division) suggested more urgent action was required. “We can’t wait for any reports of this, that and the other. This was wrong,” she said.